The double key to reading the Duchamp’s work perfectly sums up the inspiration of the brand.

In French “Elle a chaud au cul” literally “She is hot to the ass” or “She is horny”, in English “Look”.

The photographic reproduction of the Monna Lisa with a moustache is a manifesto against conformity, with which Duchamp did not intend to deny Leonardo’s art but to honour it.

The Dadaist intervention, therefore, redeems the masterpiece from the banality of reproduction and returns it to the private dimension of creation.


So the LHOOQ proposals, entirely made of patented sustainable leather with Made in Italy workmanship, start from the classic “perfecto” jacket model, provocatively enriched by a contemporary mood, the result of continuous and obsessive reinterpretation and re-contextualization.

A precious material, processed with respect for the environment, combined with organic cupro linings, aluminum accessories, recycled paper packaging.

A sustainable vision of the “perfecto” model that is renewed through 10 seasonal genderless proposals.

An experience that will lead us to analyze, improve, overturn and deconstruct the iconic garment that has always been present and well rooted within the collective imagination.

The only constant will be customization, a recognizable, present, visible, transversal, never invasive sign: the “pentagram”.

Five horizontal parallel lines, always heat debossed, which refer to the traditional processing of tanning, the artisananality, the handmade, the “ready made” in Italy.